Organizations who Received the Grants

No. Grantee Phone/ Mobile Nationality Amount of Grant (EUR)
1 Rehabilitation & Welfare Society – (Rewell Society) 06 5662890 Jordanian 186,373.00
2 Jordanian Women’s Union 06 5687037 Jordanian 200,000.00
3 Al-Hayat Centre for Civil Society Development 06 5377330 Jordanian 199,663.06
4 Jordan Better Workplace Association 06 5855343 Jordanian 186,772.00
5 Jarasia Charitable Society for Women 0772240616 Jordanian 92,915.20
6 Arab Women Organisation of Jordan (AWO) 06 4650414 Jordanian 178,573.00
7 Jordan Media Institute 06 5713304 Jordanian 200,000.00
8 I Dare for Sustainable Development (I Dare) 0796300098 Jordanian 188,325.18
9 Al Melad for Development and Human Rights 0796674131 Jordanian 57,092.00
10 Al-Thoria Centre for Studies 06 5694936 Jordanian 177,778.00
11 Green Economy Association 0799240617 Jordanian 152,828.10
12 Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)  0790212655 French 180,000.00


 Grantees and Co-applicants

No. Lead Applicants and Co-Applicants Governorate
1 Rehabilitation and Welfare Society Amman
1.1 Jordanian Woodcarvers Society Al-Balqa’a
1.2 Guwaibbah Charity Society for Community Development Al-Karak
1.3 Helen in kind support & Human Resources Development Al-Karak
1.4 Mercy Hands Society Al-Balqa’a
1.5 Naqaa Ladies Society Al-Karak
2 Jordanian Womwn's Union (JWU) Amman
2.1 Al- Sanabel Charitable Association for orphans and disabled people Irbid
2.2 "Sabaya Al- Khair" Charitable Association Amman
2.3 Sayyedat Nour Al-Khair" Association Al-Mafraq
2.4 Zakariyya Charitable Association for social development Al-Zarqa
3 Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development Amman
3.1 Ordon Al Ata’a Charitable Organization Irbid
3.2 Al Shoubak Women Association for Civil Society Development Ma’an
3.3 The Chechen Women Charitable Society Amman
3.4 Jordan Horizons for Training Al-Mafraq
3.5 Al Wehdatt Cultural Forum Amman
3.6 Tomorrow’s Youth Center for Civil Society Development Aqaba
4 Jordan Better Workplace Association Amman
4.1 Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA) Amman
4.2 Fajer Al Urdun Association Amman
4.3 Amena Foundation Amman
4.4 Jordan and San Marino Friendship Association Amman
5 Jarasia Charitable for Women Jerash
5.1 Sekhra charitable society for women Ajloun
5.2 Khesheba charitable society for women Jerash
5.3 Um AL Khashab charitable society Ajloun
5.4 AL mastaba charitable society for women Jerash
5.5 Pioneer rural women Jerash
6 Arab Women Organisation (AWO) Amman
6.1 Tafilah Women Charitable Society Al-Tafilah
6.2 Al-Balawneh Women Association Al-Balqa’a
6.3 Working Women Association Zarqa
6.4 Arab Woman Association Al-Mafraq
7 Jordan Media Institute Amman
7.1 Beit Al Anbat Ma'an
7.2 Muntada Alwan Al Thaqafi Ajloun
7.3 Bothorona for Training and Capacity Building Al-Mafraq
7.4 Dignity for International Peace & Human Rights Irbid
8 I Dare for Sustainable Development Amman
8.1 All Youth Jordan Commission / the youth arm for King Abdullah II Fund for Development All Jordan, head office in Amman
8.2 Intermediaries changing center for sustainable development Ajloun
8.3 Motivators Amman
8.4 3DC Amman
9 Almelad for Development Training Amman
9.1 Jordanian Parliament Friends Association Amman
9.2 Balila Welfare Charity For Ladies Jerash
9.3 Al-Noor Al-Mubein Association For Social Development Jerash
9.4 Jordanian Society For Human Development Jerash
10 Al-Thoria Center for Studies Amman
10.1 Nour Hussein charitable association Southern Badia Husseinieh
10.2 Sama Al-Sarhan association Badia North West
10.3 Nqera women association Central badia, AlMowagar
10.4 Khaldia Women Association Badia northeastern, Alkhaldiyah
11 Green Economy  
11.1 Mithaq Association for Development & Human Rights Amman
11.2 Nassaem alrahman association Irbid
11.3 Misha’ Al Mo’abi Association for Arts and Culture Al-Karak
11.4 Ard Al Salam Center for Development & Human Rights Ajloun
12 ACTED Amman
12.1 Idoun Charity Irbid
12.2 Sama Al Badiya Charity Al-Mafraq
12.3 Al-Takafol Charity Irbid
12.4 Al Yousor Charity Al-Mafraq




Jordan Better Workplace Association

About the Project Human Rights 4 You (HR4U) Project aims at strengthening the capacities of associations and civil society organization ..

I Dare for Sustainable Development (I Dare)

  I Dare for Sustainable Development is a non-for-profit & non-governmental Jordanian organization. As a social venture, the core of I Dare actions is based on social marketing (community cha ..


  JMI is an independent, not-for-profit institution, established by HRH Princess Rym Ali in 2006, aimed at developing the performance of workers in the field of journalism and media in Jordan ..

Al –Thoria

  About Al –Thoria Al-Thoria Center for Studies, Training and Consultations is a Jordanian non-governmental, independent, scientific and non-profit organization, founded in 2006. ..

Arab Women Organization

  AWO was founded in 1970 with perseverance to attain gender equality, women’s rights and women empowerment throughout its history. Our Vision Ending discrimination and violence aga ..


  ALMELAD Center is a non-profit company was established under Jordanian company’s law. It works in its newborn in some fields trying to add different values for development and human rig ..


Innovative and tailored capacity building to strengthen the voice of CBOs in northern Jordan. February 2017— January 2018 As the Syrian crisis enters into its fifth year, Jordan has opened i ..

Jarasia charitable society for women

Jarasia charitable society for women was established 2000 including 75 women members. An administrative committee, contains 7 women members, conducts the business regarding the several projects w ..

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