About Us

Project Objective

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen democracy in Jordan through increased participation of citizens in political life. The project seeks, through a civil society mechanism, to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Oraganizations (CSOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to advocate and build awareness among citizens about their social, economic, cultural and political rights.

Project Results:

The expected results from the activities carried out over the period of the project are:

Result 1: Improved environment and conditions that enable CBOs from the remote and rural areas to be more involved in policy development as well as political, social, cultural, and economic rights of citizens at the municipal and governorate levels;

Result 2: Developed capacities of youth initiatives to increase their voice and promote their action in the public debate;

Result 3: Produced and disseminated comprehensive and innovative materials to enhance awareness on key International Human Rights instruments among citizens;

Result 4: Enhanced access to information and knowledge of CSOs;

Result 5: Strengthened technical and advocacy capacities of NGOs working with media and cultural policy issues or collaboration on advocacy.


The total amount of the EU grant for The “EU Support to Civil Society in Jordan” Project is EUR 3,200,000. The project has granted EUR 2,000,319.50 to twelve (12) Civil Society Organizations, who will be covering all governorates through their activities. Each of the (12) lead applicants has minimum of (4) co-applicants in governorates.

EUR 585,930.00 has been given to a number of CSOs and specialized entities in the form of service contracts that will participate in implementing the project’s activities.


Grant Thematic Lots

Number of Grants

Lot 1: Political, Social, Cultural and Human Rights


Lot 2: Youth Participation in the Public Debate


Lot 3: Women Empowerment


Lot 4: CSOs and Media





This project is managed by the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) in partnership with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) and support of the European Union (EU).


The National Centre for Human Rights

The National Centre for Human Rights was established in 2006 to protect human rights, promote its culture, monitor its status, provide legal consultations and assistance, handle complaints, and observe human rights violations with a view to end them and eliminate their effects.

The EU in Jordan

The European Union (EU) is a close partner of Jordan and is accompanying it in its reform process. For Jordanians promoting socio-economic development and rule of law are the top concerns, the EU is in Jordan to provide support in these sectors; and taking effective action responding to the economic challenges and the Syria crisis. In cooperation with the Jordanian leadership, the EU also aims at supporting greater social justice and economic prosperity to the people of Jordan.

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC)

The main role for MoPIC is developing the Jordanian society economically, socially and culturally in addition to enhancing the human development aspect, in light of the existing and future needs in order to improve Jordanians’ standards of living, through participatory planning on both local and national levels, and to provide and coordinate assistance through an integrated framework in cooperation with the government institutions, international donor community and civil society organizations.

Service Contracts

No Organization Contract Amount (EUR) Nationality Contract Type
1 SIGI 20,000 Jordanian Gender Activities
2 Dr. Ali Al-Dabbas 49,500 Jordanian Studies on Human Rights and Political Participation
3 Partners Jordan 190,000.00 Jordanian Capacity Building and Communication for CBOs and CSOs and Youth Initiatives
4 Atlas for Human Resources Development 88,781.00 Jordanian Human Rights Strategy Action Plan
5 Email Solution Company 47,000.00 Jordanian NCHR Website, Social Media for NCHR and the Project, IT infrastructure
6 The Office 5,817.37 Jordanian The Project Branding and Visual Identity
7 Ms. Janet Keegan 48,000 Irish Capacity Building –NCHR Team
8 Ms. Rawan Hijjawi 42000 Jordanian Technical Capacity Building for Grantees
9 Ms. Janet Keegan 42000 Irish Demand-Driven Technical Capacity Building for CSOs & CBOs
10 Assessment Team 14,000 Multinational Applicants proposals Assessment
11 Nookom Company 38,831.50 Belgian Study Tour