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About the Project

Human Rights 4 You (HR4U) Project aims at strengthening the capacities of associations and civil society organizations in the areas of human rights, based on the national legislatives system and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Project targets 36 national associations and organizations in the various governorates of the Kingdom, where we will be working with 72 of their staff and activists working with the beneficiary associations and organizations. Under the Project we will carry out a range of activities including training workshops, surveys, studies and videos.

The Project has an implementation duration of s 16 months starting in May 2017.

In more detail, the project's main activities are:

  • During the month of July (7/2017): A workshop on human rights globally and in Jordan. It will address aspects of the practical applications of the principles and concepts of human rights. Where we will be launching a legal study containing information on the local framework and useful references.

Using colors of the Jordanian Flag, two equal (=) signs one on top of the other in the shape of stones symbolizing a pathway (ladder) that leads to empowerment through respect for human rights.
The logo symbolizes the role of the project in bridging the knowledge and capacity gap for the participating CBOs and CSOs enabling them to utilize and disseminate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principle of HR among their community and end beneficiaries.

  • During the month of September (9/2017): A workshop on how to develop action plans and operationalize them based on Human Right as a core theme. Here we will also provide useful technical and financial training.
  • October (10/2017) to March (3/2018): we will be working in the field with beneficiary associations and organizations providing coaching session for staff were we will be working on the elaborated action plans. We will also be offering specialist awareness session at the community level on the human rights related topics.
  • During the month of April (4/2018): Evaluation workshop to work and show successes and challenges.
  • The Project will produce useful and lasting results for the beneficiary organizations and their staff as well as at the communities’ level, by raising awareness and developing the capacity to confront and deal with the challenges of our times by focusing on human rights concepts and rule of law aligned with the overall National Plan for Human Rights 2016 -2025 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The Human Rights for You (HR4U) Project is funded by the EU, as part of the “EU Support to Civil Society in Jordan Project” managed by the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR). Implemented by the Jordan Better Workplace Association.

 About Jordan Better Workplace Association



JORDAN BETTER WORKPLACE ASSOCIATION is a Jordanian NGO established in 2013, with the aim of enhancing democratic values in the workplace.

As a member based organization, comprised of professionals that are driven by the desire to be positive agents for change in these challenging times. Working on a volunteer basis; members draw on their skills and expertise to achieve the NGO’ s goals, supported by external international advisors.

To this ends, JBWassociation works to provide a complete cycle of inclusive and complementary legal, human resources development and research activities.

These are:

Legal Solutions: Offering mediation services in the workplace supported by legal tools to provide standard legal documents and information notes.
Training: Training and capacity building activities and educational toolkits.
 Policy & Advocacy : Conducting research, studies and drafting policy papers, awareness building campaigns and advocacy with stakeholders.