Arab Women Organization


AWO was founded in 1970 with perseverance to attain gender equality, women’s rights and women empowerment throughout its history.

Our Vision

Ending discrimination and violence against women in Jordan where gender equality, social justice and inclusive democracy are valued as well as the participation of all, women and men, in development.

Our Mission

To contribute to AWO vision by generating and disseminating knowledge towards change in the social roles and the expectation of women and men related to education, politics, economics and culture and mobilizing of women for the values of citizenship and human rights and to also contribute to promoting political reform towards parity in representation, women participation in the decision-making and maintaining communities’ wellbeing as well as peace and human security, de-radicalization, and respecting diversity. AWO also contributes to strengthening women CBOs affiliated to Mosawa Network to engage with independent civil society organizations in the societal activities. AWO applies the holistic and participatory approaches with special emphasis on the Human Rights-Based Approach.

Our Objectives

Overarching Objective: Women participation in leading change for gender equality and ending discrimination and violence against women
Empowerment Objective: Women learn to become leaders in the decision-making positions with a vision filled with enthusiasm to implement action plans they participated in preparing.

Networking Objective: Women learn to cooperate with each other for supporting Networks for women’s rights and women’s empowerment Changing Behaviour Objective: Reaching societal solutions to combat discrimination and violence against women, fight against sexual harassment through improving individual and collective behaviour.

De-radicalization and Building Peace Objective: Wars, occupation and conflicts spread GBV, increase brutality and generate radicalization. Combating such violence and radicalization become as essential as the reduction of poverty and providing houses

''Fostering inclusive participation and effective contribution of women in the political sphere''

The overall objective: is to contribute to faster progress in women participation to reduce gender inequality and promote women empowerment.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Ensure women presence at the decision-making positions at the local level through advocating for electing women in local councils.
  2. Strengthen CBOs to advance gender equality and women participation, develop a women multiplicity dialogue for higher quotas and disseminate information and monitor and evaluate impact

Expected results:

  1. Increased number of women elected to local councils.
  2. Strengthened capacities of leaders in women CBOs.
  3. Created dialogue for more women quotas and inclusive reform
  4. Government adherence to int. treaties monitored

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