Center is a non-profit company was established under Jordanian company’s law. It works in its newborn in some fields trying to add different values for development and human rights. It has started a funded action for youth exchange by euro-med youth exchange unit. So it hopes to achieve more success in different fields especially in spreading dialogue and peacefully coexistence between humans that which will lead to enhancing human rights and peace

We do not have any source of funding except self-finance or if we get funding for any project or action

We are working in different types with different people through seminars, workshops, advocacy, training, preparing studies, and lectures. We are trying to build capacities of different people who need together with our team


We believe in the universality and importance of human rights. This respect is a target for all, so each side should contribute to the achievement of this letter, we seek various ways and means, independently or participatory work towards the promotion of and respect for and protection of these rights and a culture of respect in various levels to achieve the values of justice and equality


Contributing in social awareness process to prepare a generation that able to understand the rights and duties related to human rights and sustainable development Promoting the culture of the society in the field of human rights and development through various training workshops in the field of human rights and development Preparing various studies in the field of human rights, and development
Holding various training courses and specialized seminars in the field of human rights and development Contributing in achieving justice, equality, the rule of law, and the preservation of human dignity and the protection of rights and public freedoms Contributing in the promotion of tolerance, justice, equality and brotherhood values of humanity

How our targets may will be achieved

Shortly, the carefree one and one goal, we strive to create multiple areas of cultural and civilizational dialogue and understanding between different peoples, tolerance, justice and the values of dialogue, and to promote respect for human rights, so we are willing to cooperate and make the effort possible in cooperation with the various networks to achieve these goals 

The granted project in English:

Almelad project under the title (Enhancement and observation of youths and women’s political rights). This project aims to promote, develop and monitor the exercise of political rights by the categories of youths and women in Jerash Governorate, the project includes a number of activities such as: lectures, seminars, workshops, training courses, advocacy campaign to gain support, and formation of a dedicated team monitors political rights in Jerash governorate. The project will be implemented by Almelad Center for development and human rights in partnership with a number of civil society institutions in Jerash Governorate and in particular: Friends of Parliament Association, Jordanian Association for Human Development, Annor Elmubeen Association, and Blila Women Association for Social Development.