Innovative and tailored capacity building to strengthen the voice of CBOs in northern Jordan.
February 2017— January 2018

As the Syrian crisis enters into its fifth year, Jordan has opened its doors to over 655,000 refugees as of August 2016, predominately in the host communities of northern Jordan. This influx of refugees has placed pressure on Jordan’s economy, as well as straining social cohesion in host communities as the competition for jobs and cost of living increases rapidly. Civil society organizations remain at the forefront of combatting these economic and social challenges. As of late 2013, 3,800 civil society organizations were established in Jordan, playing a critical role in developing projects related to health, educational and economic matters. In particular, community-based organisations (CBOs) are rooted in the community with strong ties to beneficiaries, and with advanced knowledge of the issues faced by the local and refugee populations.

Acknowledging the immense importance of civil society and small community-based organizations in promoting positive change, this project aims to strengthen the capacity of four CBOs in Mafraq and Irbid Governorates. This tailored capacity-building will allow CBOs to advocate and build awareness in their communities specific to the social, economic, political and cultural rights of host communities. ACTED will work directly with four CBOs in the north of Jordan – Aidoun Charity, Al-Takaful, Thagret Al-Joub, and Al-Youser Charity – to build their capacity around women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, media use and communications. The project will involve 431 participants from the four CBOs, and it will impact over 1,224,000 people in the communities of Al Thougra, Ramtha, Aidoun and Rawada in northern Jordan.

Lead Organization: ACTED

ACTED has been implementing projects in host communities in northern Jordan since 2012, and has since then played an important role in meeting the essential needs of both Jordanians and Syrian refugees. In addition to providing emergency relief through its winterization and food security projects, ACTED has focused on promoting women and youth empowerment though access to employment opportunities. Over the years, ACTED has developed strong partnerships with 11 community-based organizations across northern Jordan. In collaboration with these CBOs, ACTED has been implementing a variety of projects including vocational trainings, micro-businesses, and leadership trainings for women and youth.


Al Takaful is a national NGO based in Ramtha (Irbid Governorate). Its activities focus on learning support for children, life skills for youth that would like to enter the job market and women who are interested in vocational training. Al Takaful also targets local households, providing small scale business development services and support. Al Takaful staff are qualified and engaged social mobilizers, and have undergone trainings focusing on women’s social conditions and their challenges in the areas of health, agriculture and livelihoods.

Al-Youser is a charity organization located in Um-Aljmal. After the beginning of the Syria crisis, Al- Youser focused its intervention on refugee integration and social cohesion in rural communities. The CBO also promotes women’s economic empowerment through capacity building and credit support. They implement agricultural projects, have a library service for students and a credit box for vulnerable families.

Aidoun Charity has a mission to help the local community become free of disease and poverty. The CBO promotes maternal and child healthcare and women's development in various cultural, social and economic fields. Aidoun also has a gender focal point that has been trained on women’s empowerment and gender equity. The CBO has an extensive program that targets women in relation to health, family planning, leadership and early marriage.

Thagret Al- Joub is a CBO which primarily implements specific training programs for women in its community of Al-Thougra. These vocational trainings include soap production; food processing; and recycling, and primarily targets women as the majority of the women in the community are unemployed and have a low level of education. Thagreat Al-Joub also has a kindergarten and a small market, both of which serve as support to local families.