Jarasia charitable society for women

Jarasia charitable society for women was established 2000 including 75 women members. An administrative committee, contains 7 women members, conducts the business regarding the several projects which the society owns. This committee oversights the procedures to achieve goals of the society throughout implementing various activities and projects.
The society generally aims at:

  1. Empowering women socially, financially and politically.
  2. Serving youth and families in Jerash city in general.

The society accomplished several productive and service projects which provide local women with the opportunity to have decent jobs, since its establishment, such as:

  1. The productive kitchen.
  2. Diary factory.
  3. Kinder garden and nursery.
  4. Sustainable Power projects.
  5. Water harvesting.
  6. Awareness projects and workshops that target women and youth. To enhance their participation as members in the local community as well as to help them to be qualified socially, financially and politically.

The society cooperated with several organizations such as, Mercy Corp, Jordan River Foundation, USAID, the national center for human rights, EU, Ministry of social development and Jerash municipality. The society is still working on serving the local community of Jerash city throughout determining and providing peoples' needs.

Facebook page: جمعية جراسيا للسيدات الخيرية