Protection of children from domestic violence
Project details
Name: Protection of children from domestic violence
Type: Funded by more than one party
Date: 1/6/2010
Duration: June 2010 – May 2011
Description: Name of the donor: Rule of Law Project ( ROLP ) which is funded by USAID . Partners: NGO Network for the Protection of the Rights of the Child in Jordan. Objectives: 1. To raise the awareness of the duty-bearers and the Jordanian society in general on child rights and domestic violence issues. 2. To advocate for child rights issues and domestic violence prevention with the concerned parties. Components: 1. Conduct 12 workshops covering all governorates of the kingdom to educate parents, grandparents, religious leaders, community leaders about Child Rights in general and family violence issue in particular . 2. Conduct 12 workshops for children and youth covering all governorates of the kingdom , raising their awareness of their rights, empowering them with the needed knowledge and skills to practice their rights, and how to use these skills in real life situations as follows : • 7 workshops for children , 2 of them for orphan children at SOS Children`s Village Association of Jordan . • 5 workshops for youth . 3. Conduct an awareness campaign for children’s rights and family violence issue. This campaign consisted of : • Producing the first story book to advocate Child Rights targeting children themselves , ( The City of Children ) The story aims to raise the awareness of children of their rights which are stipulated in The Convention on the Rights of the Child ( CRC ) , it contains a number of CRs which are : The Right to Education , The Right to Health , The Right to Play and The Right to Express Opinions . • Preparing a leaflet about The NGO Network which will shed the light on the vision , mission , objectives , organizational chart , code of honor of the Network and the services and support it provides , in addition to the names of the committees of the Network and its members and their telephone numbers .
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