The Forum of Arab Children and Youngsters

Under the gracious patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Jordan River Foundation, in cooperation with the League of the Arab States, held the Forum of Arab Children and Youngsters in order to discuss their protection from mistreatment. The Forum was held in Amman, Jordan during the period 19-11 November 2009. 75 children and youngsters participated in the Forum representing 11 Arab states that included Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen.

During their deliberations the participants (males & females) discussed the subject of protecting children from mistreatment in the Arab states. The activities of the Forum resulted in the following recommendations:

  1. Agreement on the definition of the mistreatment at the Arab level; and the identification of its potential forms and the dissemination of this in a manner that encompasses all children, so as to reach all the stakeholders at the level of children and decision-makers.
  2. The call to make public the commemorations of the child world day in the Arab homeland (20/11).
  3. The call on the concerned parties to reformulate child-related laws; measures; international reports and conventions in a children-friendly language, and the dissemination of this in an easily accessible places.
  4. Involvement of children in the formulation of the policies and plans relating to them.
  5. Raise the efficiency of the various domestic and Arab media people to activate their role in the issues of the child and the family.
  6. Urge states to establish national observatories to follow-up the implementation of the rights of the child.
  7. Dedicate modern tools that children like in order to raise their awareness and education so as to confront the potential violence directed against them.
  8. Continuous habilitation of the people working with children in the areas of confronting children mistreatment to enable them provide the appropriate services for mistreated children.
  9. Empowerment of children through acquainting them with their rights, and making them understand these and be in possession of the mechanisms which assure that their opinions reach those concerned.
  10. Ask states to amend their domestic laws so as to conform with the Convention on the rights of the child.
  11. The establishment and the supporting of the means of notification of the mistreatment of the child, through child centers; the internet; the hotline; etc ….
  12. Establish an electronic site, under the umbrella of the league of the Arab states, as a foundation for the formation of an Arab children league so as to follow-up the recommendations of this Forum through this site.
  13. The continuous review and enrichment of the educational curricula with the new trends and the children-related rights and protection.