A workshop regarding the juveniles justice – related measurement indicators according to the international and national legislations”

Within the project of “supporting the legal and the institutional capacity of the juveniles justice system, and through support of the Australian Agency for International Development, a training workshop will be held on Thursday (8) September (2011). The title of the workshop will be “the juveniles justice-related measurement indicators according to the international and national legislations. It will be held at the premises of the National Centre for Human rights (NCHR). It will involve training the national team that is composed of the representatives of the civil society organizations who are engaged in the rights of the child (Eidak Maai network), the representatives of the lawyers network – under the umbrella of the (NCHR) – that was formed by the steering committee of the project. The subject of the training will be the measurement of the indicators of the juveniles justice according to the relevant international standards… like the convention on the rights of the child. It is worth noting that the team will conduct field visits to the juveniles houses, the juveniles courts, in addition to the special police centres for the juveniles.