Commissioner General, Dr. Mousa Burayzat, appointed as a member of the Royal Commission to reinforce integrity regime in Jordan

His Majesty King Abdulla formed last Saturday (8-12-2012) a Royal Commission to promote the National Integrity System in Jordan to be headed by the incumbent Prime Minster, Dr. Abdulla Ensour. Dr. Mousa Burayzat, Commissioner General of JNCHR, the ICC Chairperson, was chosen to be a member of this Commission.

The Royal Commission’s task is to reinvigorate and strengthen the National Integrity System in the country by reviewing current laws governing the current anti-corruption public monitoring agencies, and submit a draft charter as well as an action plan that would beef up the work of those institutions. Also the Commission's outcome is expected to empower those institutions to curtail and, if possible, stem out corruption.

In carrying out its mandate the Monarch directed the Commission to conduct as broad as possible consultations with different segments of civil society including political parties, unions, and professional associations and prominent political groups.