Rights … Dignity

Based on a firm belief in human rights, and considering the importance of human rights information dissemination, and the enhancement of the attitudes, trends and responses that would empower the people to effectively participate in the public debate pertaining to their communities affairs, within the framework of a meaningful and constructive dialogue and in an atmosphere of freedom and respect, also based on the faith in the universal ideals of human rights, which were earlier adequately addressed and codified by the Islamic Sharia’, and in recognition of the essential and indispensable role of the media in promoting a culture of human rights as well as raising awareness; the Dustour Newspaper has launched, in cooperation with the National Center for Human Rights ( JNCHR), a Monthly Human Rights Page to be published on the first Tuesday of each month. The page features topics related to human rights to provide insight and analysis on Jordan’s most important issues.

To view the first issue, please click here (available in Arabic only).