The National Center for Human Rights Conducts an Un-announced Field Visit to “Dar al Diyafah” Elderly Care Home

The National Center for Human Rights carried out an un-announced field visit to Dar al Diyafah Elderly Care Home, which is located at Juwaida Area, Amman. The said visit was conducted for the purpose of monitoring and assessing the situation of the elderly persons staying at the Care Home, which hosts a total number of 126 seniors (41 women and 85 men).

During the visit the Team, which was compromised of 3 experts – a female lawyer and 2 male social experts, met with the Care Home Management to identify the challenges of providing the full range of services as required to the care homes residents. The team also met a number of residents both women and men separately to monitor and evaluate their conditions as well as the problems that they encounter in the care home.

After that, the team carried out a tour to inspect the physical environment of the home care facility and assess the residents’ access to the care, dietary, entertainment and social services and to what extent they comply with the acceptable standards. In addition, the team assessed the Care Home Management observance of the rules and licensing regulations issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs governing the activities of such facilities.

This visit came as part of a series of visits to elderly care homes and day-time care facilities for older persons in the Kingdom. The findings of the visit will be incorporated in one section as part of the yearly national report to be released at the end of this year on the situation of human rights in the Kingdom.