Training Workshop on “the Notions of Human Rights”

The National Center for Human Rights (NCHR), in cooperation with the American Bar Association and Rule of Law Initiative (ABA), concluded a two-day workshop entitled “the Notions of Human Rights” at the Bar Association’s premises in the Governorate of Irbid.

The workshop aimed to familiarize the participants with the International Human Rights Treaties that Jordan has ratified and published in the Official Gazette, the guarantees of a fair trial and the principles of due process, the independence of the Judiciary, as well as Jordan’s’ obligations under the International Human Rights Law.

Also, the workshop explored ways on how to apply international human rights laws in the domestic legal system, in order to empower the lawyers on how to refer to the relevant provisions of the various international legal instruments as a ground of their appeals before the domestic courts.

This training workshop is part of the series of workshops for a wide cross section of lawyers at the entire Kingdoms’ Governorates.