The National Center for Human Rights at the Twenty-Second Session of the UN Human Rights Council on “Equality Between Man and Woman in Geneva”

On February 29,2013 the Commissioner-General of the National Center for Human Rights JNCHR and ICC Chair H.E. Dr. Mousa Breizat has taken part in the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council on “Equality Between Man and Woman” in Geneva.

In his statement, H.E. Dr. Braizat pointed that women’s rights and gender equality issues are considered a major concern to all NHRIs and all are required to protect and promote women’s right. Despite this, however, there exists a wide disparity among these NHRIs with respect to their work on upholding these rights.

He noted that the 22nd Session of the Human Rights Council shared the same thematic issue of the Eleventh International Conference of the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights that took place in Amman, Jordan from 5-7 November 2012. He went on to say that the said conference had agreed on a number of practical steps to address violence against women, women empowerment and enhancing gender equality. These were stipulated by the Amman Declaration and its Platform of Action.

The Amman Declaration and Programme of Action have identified the steps to be undertaken by NHRIs to promote gender equality along with other priority issues that need to be addressed regarding the right of girls and women, such as:

  • Monitor the State’s performance related to women rights as well as observing the activities of businesses, in terms of women role and their impacts on women’s and girls’ enjoyment of their human rights;
  • Investigate allegations of violations of women’s and girls’ human rights, and implement effective and concrete measures to eliminate the stigma attached to women and girls which are attributed to the large proportion of crimes against them.
  • Forge partnerships and establish national strategies related to women’s and girls’ human rights;

The Amman Declaration and Programme of Action, he added, has developed a framework of action, for all NHRIs in the four corners of the globe. The said document outlines the measures to be undertaken by NHRIs to enhance women's participation in the political and public life, including aspects related to women economic and social rights, violence against women, reproductive rights.

In his concluding remark, H.E. said that the ICC and its Bureau Members look forward for an effective cooperation and communication with the UN agencies, including the Human Rights council, UNDP, as well as with other stakeholders on the national level with the view of achieving the effective implementation of Amman Declaration and Programme of Action in all regions.