Workshop to Discuss a National Human Rights action Plan at al Isra’a University

H.E. Dr. Mousa Braizat, JNCHR Commissioner –General presented a plaque of appreciation to Dr. Numan al-Kahteeb, President of al -Israa University for his efforts in supporting the Workshop

With the presence of H.E. Dr. Mousa Braizat, Commissioner General of JNCHR, Dr. Numan Al Khateeb, President of al Israa University opened a workshop to discuss a draft plan of action of education and raising awareness and disseminating information about human rights in Jordan. The said workshop was organized by al Israa University in cooperation with (JNCHR) and was attended by legal experts and representatives from different ministries, institutions, bodies and political parties in addition human rights activists.

All those present pointed to the importance of the subject and highlighted the need for a participatory approach to ensure that such initiative is met with success. One of the conclusions of that workshop was to formulate a guidance committee from the main stakeholders to follow on the implementation of the initiative which was prepared by JNCHR and was discussed by a group of participants and experts from more than twenty institutions and agencies. Those who took part included: two deputies from the Lower House, the SG from the Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, leaders of al Hayat “Life” Party, and representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Political Development, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Public Security Directorate (PSD), the Jordanian National commission of Women, Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies, the Arab women Association, the Jordanian Women Union, the Phenix Center for Economics and Informatics Studies, the Islamic Centrist Party, al Israa University, al Ahliyyah Amman University, the Jordanian Center for civic Education, Children’s Rights Association, All Jordan Youth Commission, the Amnesty International.

The workshop discussed the draft of a national action plan for the protection and promotion of human rights NHRAP covering the period 2013-2016. The projected action plan encompasses issues as conceptualized in light of the realistic appraisal of the opportunities as well the challenges facing the full respect of human rights in Jordan.

The overarching objective of this meeting is to canvass the views of the various concerned groups; legal experts, representatives from governmental bodies and agencies as well as NGOS in order to obtain their input on the draft human rights action plan that JNCHR has been very involved in its formulation process. Moreover, it was reiterated that the development of a national human rights action plan is to improve the protection and promotion of human rights in the Kingdom with a view to ultimately promote a human rights culture.

In his opening statement, H.E. Dr. Mousa Braizat, the Commissioner- General of JNCHR stressed that this plan of action is considered one of the important initiatives of the Center in heightening awareness of human rights issues among the general public and underscores the prominent role of JNCHR in monitoring human rights violations and serves to shed light on the Center’s significant contribution in promoting human rights norms in the Kingdome, both on the normative and practice levels.

He went on to say that the review of the draft of a national human rights action plan NHRAP and promoting human rights in the Kingdom is among the core functions of the Center as articulated in its mandate and fall within the UPR mechanism. After that Dr. Braizat briefed the attendance on the three phases of implementation; monitoring and evaluation as well as the reporting phase.
In his closing remark, he extended his thanks to the participants and to the President of al Israa University, who is also a member of the JNCHR Board of Trustees. He also, looked forward to ideas and fruitful discussion on the content of the draft action plan, urging the participants to provide their insights and present defined and attainable recommendations for the protection and promotion of human rights in the Kingdom. In this context, he indicated that the open process of preparing the draft of the action plan by (JNCHR) in conjunction with the concerned parties, which is intended to be put into effect very soon, attests to the Center’s explicit commitment to promote full and active community participation at the grass root level.

Dr. Numan al Khateeb, President of Al Israa University, expressed his enthusiasm to host this important workshop, at this national scientific edifice, which comes as a humble contribution from the University towards promoting a human rights culture, and comes as a way of providing assistance to JNCHR in its efforts in the protection and promotion of human rights and in discharging its functions.
He further commended on the Center’s pioneering role and its outstanding contributions in promoting a culture of human rights, monitoring its observance, and in providing advice and legal assistance.

On the other hand, he pointed out that universities are required to continue the march of contribution through enhanced networking and collaboration with the Ministry of Education, universities, the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers. Concomitantly, universities should provide support to the media, civil society, and all other relevant ministries and institutions to ensure a more synergy of action to enhance the democratic ethos and human rights culture.

Mr. Riyadh al Suboh, from JNCHR presented the elements of the projected national human rights action plan; its methodology, objectives as well as the outcome expected of each axis, which includes, inter alia, integrating human rights issues in both the school and university systems, enhancing the role of the three powers in the protection and promotion of human rights as well as educating the public about human rights, especially, strengthening and empowering the civil society organizations to assume their duties.