JNCHR launches Youth Initiatives in Six Targeted Governorates

As part of its efforts to develop and support participatory programs for the local communities to find out their concerns and the issues they encounter and offer insights into the sustainable solutions to their problems via invoking the relevant international human rights instruments, JNCHR launched various youth initiatives. Recently the Center developed youth initiatives with the aim to advocate for an end to violence against women, especially, the gender-based violence against women and girls aged between (8-18). The said initiatives were conducted within the framework of “Hemaieh for women and girls Project”, which is implemented in cooperation with CARE international with funding from the EU.

The initiatives will be implemented in six governorates; Amman, al Zarqa ’a, al Mafraq, Irbid, al Karak, Ma’an).

The launching ceremonies took many forms as follows :

  • Al Karak Initiative:

Small-scale Marathon for school students.

  • Amman Initiative:

Open day at An open day at al Baq’a Elementary School.

  • Irbid Initiative:

A mural was displayed for one week at al Yarmouk University Administration Building.