JNCHR Launches a Cycling Campaign Entitled “Reform Through Public Participation”

On Friday April 3, 2013, the National Center for Human Rights (JNCHR), in cooperation with Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities Center, launched the second phase of its campaign entitled “Reform Through Public Participation”. The campaign took the form of a cycling event and aimed to increase the voters’ turnouts in the upcoming municipal elections and raise their awareness of the importance of an active engagement in the process.

The campaign was launched to mark the commencement of the second phase of a comprehensive national public awareness project. The said project is implemented by JNCHR in cooperation with Ruwwad al Mustaqbal Center with funding from the EU.

The campaign is primarily focused on sensitizing the public on the importance of an active participation in the upcoming municipal elections 2013 as well as the citizens' rights and responsibilities guaranteed by the Constitution. It also seeks to shed light on the negative practices that undermine the integrity and the impartiality of the electoral process; such as, influencing women’s choices, vote buying and other improper practices. Also the campaign is intended to familiarize the public with the best practices during the conduct of the electoral process and underscores the importance of the impartial political participation.

The activities of the campaign include a variety of community outreach activities such as the interactive drama theatre in universities, in addition to organizing many workshops in all governorates. The campaign also utilizes other avenues to increase its potential like SMS messages and emails, in addition to media highlights in the local papers and through television and radio spots.

The campaign was organized under the patronage of the (JNCHR) Commissioner-General with the participation of volunteers of different categories. The cycling event started from (JNCHR) premises passing by the EU premises to finish at the Greater Amman Municipality where a mural, painted by volunteer students from the Fine Art Faculty from UJ, was opened. The mural expressed the importance of active participation in the municipal electoral process.

To disseminate the camping’s message, the same mural will be painted in both Mafraq and Muan governorates. Also on May 4, 2013 (JNCHR) will launch another cycling event in Jerash Governorate heading towards Ajloun Governorate passing by the premises of each Governorates’ Municipalities. Finally, the last event will be organized on May 10. 2013 within the Governorate of Karak passing by the municipalities’ premises heading towards Petra city.