Roundtable on “The Role of Youth and Women in Participating in the Political Life“

The National Center for Human Rights (JNCHR) وin cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI)و organized a roundtable entitled “The Role of Youth and Women in Participating in the Political Life“. The said event was attended by women, youth in addition to representatives of civil society organizations (CSO).

The participants in this roundtable deliberated and discussed a number of key issues; the importance of enhancing the role of women and the youth to participate in the political life, the obstacles that undermine and inhibit their political participation, as well as presenting the possible approaches to address these constraints.

Lawyer Mohammad al Nassir from JNCHR in his statement explored the theme of Human Rights and Citizenship. He indicated that Citizenship is based on the belief that one’s nation-state comes First (one’s loyalty and patriotism are to the state), citizens are entitled to enjoy their rights equally. Therefore, he asserted that it is of paramount importance to promote the principles of human rights in the society which would lead to informed and responsible citizenship.

In her statement, activist Islam al Hawamdeh, pointed out that women are making progress; that they are now endowed with equal political rights with men based on the commitments enshrined in the international instruments which guaranteed, on equal terms, women equal access to the political life. After that Hawamdeh indicated the significance of sensitizing women, at all levels and all areas being Bedouin, Urban, or rural, of their political rights. She went on to say that, due recognition should be given to the progress that has been achieved in Jordan. Jordanian women can participate in the political life either through joining parties or embracing stands that contribute ultimately in building the democratic political life as guaranteed by the Constitution.

As of the right of youth to political participation, Lawyer Issa al Maraziq, pointed out that the Jordanian constitution guarantees everyone’s right, including the youth right to participate effectively in the political life in Jordan. He furthermore emphasized on the importance of enhancing the women and youth engagement in the political life. He also identified the major challenges that inhibit the realization of their full participation, and the solutions to address theses constraints.

The assessment of women and youth participantion in the electoral process, was also highlighted, as Lawyer Nidhal Maqableh, the Media Director at the NCHR , pointed out that the civil society organizations and media outlets as considered a strong force for change; have a crucial role in promoting awareness of the importance of participating in the parliamentary elections which would ultimately effect the positive development of the political life in Jordan as whole.