The Cooperation Mechanisms Between JNCHR and the Public Freedoms Committee at the Jordanian House of Representatives

In implementation of what has been discussed during the visit of the Head and Members of the Public Freedoms Committee at the Jordanian House of Representatives to JNCHR, regarding the need to establish cooperation mechanisms in order to exchange information between the two parties in matters pertaining to the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the remedies for human rights violations within the rule of law framework, the judicial independence and in line with Jordan’s international human rights commitments, the two parties have agreed on the follows:

  • The JNCHR is committed to inform the Committee of its position regarding the bills that are under consideration by the competent committees at the House of Representatives to use the obtained information for lobbying and advocating for the proposed amendments. This is in addition to informing the Legal Committee and the Public Rights and Freedoms Committee of the JNCHR position on all human rights-related legislations.
  • The two parties are committed to exchange reports, publications and studies with respect to human rights issues, notably, the NCHR Report on Human Rights Conditions in Jordan in order to discuss the most prominent issues included in the report in the Parliament.
  • The two parties are committed to cooperate in the spheres of complaints of alleged human rights violations brought to them. For this purpose, a common complaint handling mechanism should be established to settle these complaints with the concerned parties. This includes, inter alia, the exchange of information with the Committee about the Jordanian prisoners and detainees abroad.
  • Conducting joint monitoring visits to the care centers and the correctional and rehabilitation centers to enhance the observance and the promotion of human rights.
  • Finally, the two parties agreed to work and cooperate together to implement the national plan of action, that was elaborated by the JNCHR, to promote a culture of respect for human rights in Jordan and raising awareness and disseminating information on these issues.