A Royal Decree Was Issued Appointing Mohammad Adnan Bakheet as President of the Jordanian National Centre for Human Rights (JNCHR) Board of Trustees.

A royal decree was issued on August 19, 2013 appointing Dr. Mohammad Adnan Al Bakheet as President of the Board of Trustees of the (JNCHR). Dr. Mohmmad Adnan Al-Bakheet, who is a professor in the humanitarian disciplines, is a prominent knowledgeable figure at the Arab and World Levels. He is also active in the area of human rights and public freedoms. He has presided over Al Al-Bayt University during the period April 1, 1993 – August,1 2011. He was also the president of Mu’tah University during the period December 16,1991 – March 31, 1993. Dr. al Bakheet is the author of many books, studies and scientific research in the sciences of history and humanities. He was member of the Board of Trustees of the (JNCHR) for more than one term.

Following is the curriculum vita of Dr. Al Bakheet. ( Available only in Arabic )