The 2011 municipal elections monitoring project
Project details
Name: The 2011 municipal elections monitoring project
Type: Funded by more than one party
Date: 1/9/2011
Duration: Five months
Description: 1- Overall objective of the project: Guarantee the integrity, safety and transparency of the municipal elections and the trust of the public in its results. 2- The project is to be implemented by the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) with support by the American national democratic institute (NDI). The duration of the project is five months. 3- The project will be implemented in (5) governorates (Amman, Salt, Zarka, Irbid and Kerak). 4- 25 long-term observers will be selected for a period of three months. (225) observers will be deployed in the governments that will be observed. There will be (85) observers in Amman, and (40) observers in each governorate. 5- Selection of researchers to analyze the information that was extracted and compiled so as to prepare the final draft report regarding the results of the elections. The final form of the report will be formulated during two weeks of the elections. It will be translated into the English language, and uploaded on the electronic site of the (NCHR). It will be also printed and distributed.  The training of the observers will be conducted in coordination with the awareness and empowerment unit in the (NCHR). Following each training, forms will be designed to evaluate the level of the absorption of the traintees of their roles and duties, in addition to the subjects relating to the election law, and the procedures that must be followed during the monitoring process of the elections.  There will be media coverage, and a register will be maintained for all the media news items dealing with the project.  The project will also include issuance of reports and positions regarding the proceedings of the electoral process that will contain the process of: (A)- Registration of, the electors and contestations against them. (B)- Registration contestations against them. (C)- Electoral campaigns. (D)- The process of balloting, counting and the announcement of the results. (C)- Contestation of the results.
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