Mrs Haj Hasan meets Chinese Ambassador in Amman in light of the political memorandum regarding the occupation’s crimes

On November 22nd, Mrs Samar Haj Hasan, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at the National Centre for Human Rights, extended a warm welcome to H.E. Mr. Chen Chuandong, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, along with Mrs. Chang Bee, Diplomatic Attaché at the Chinese Embassy. The purpose of this meeting is to advance follow-up actions related to the legal memorandum issued by the National Centre for Human Rights. The memorandum addresses Israeli Occupation violations in the Gaza Strip and has been disseminated to international human rights bodies and foreign embassies in Jordan.

Mrs Haj Hasan highlighted the role of the Jordanian diplomacy under the leadership of His Majesty the King. This diplomatic effort has been instrumental in garnering international support to halt the immediate aggression on the Gaza Strip, and developing a rights-based universal discourse regarding the Strip and other Palestinian territories. The effort should be complemented by prompt and effective international investigations conducted by relevant institutions tasked with documenting the infringements that persist despite Israel's declared intentions to perpetrate its crimes.

Mrs Haj Hasan stressed the gravity of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, emphasising that such a dire situation had not been witnessed since World War II. Shared humanitarian values and essential human rights are now in jeopardy and under threat. There is a pervasive sentiment within Arab communities that the occupying forces operate with a sense of impunity, seemingly exempt from international law, allowing them to perpetrate egregious crimes against humanity like apartheid, racial segregation, forced displacement, and genocide. This sentiment gave rise to the perception that the life of one race is deemed more valuable than another. Mrs Haj Hasan exclaims that the persistence of such an ideology has the potential to alter the trajectory of the world, hindering the healing process of the impact of the traumas caused by these events.

Mrs Haj Hasan drew attention to the pressing need for major powers, particularly those advocating for the Palestinian Cause, to take decisive steps in bringing an end to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. This includes addressing the concerning actions of occupying forces and their violations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank areas and sending a resounding and clear message that reassures Palestinians of their global support. Mrs Haj Hasan also expressed gratitude to the Chinese Ambassador, commending his initiative in visiting the Centre and announcing his country's support to cease the conflict and protect the rights of Palestinians.

Chinese Ambassador Chen Chuandong stated that, throughout the conflict, China has been actively engaged in promoting peace, advocating for a ceasefire, and providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza. He highlighted recent diplomatic efforts, including the welcoming of the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan, Ayman Safadi, along with other foreign ministers from Arab and Muslim countries. This collaborative initiative aims to unite efforts towards a ceasefire and humanitarian relief. Ambassador Chuandong affirmed China's commitment to collaborating with Arab and Muslim nations, including Jordan, to mobilise international action for the implementation of decisions issued by the Security Council and UN General Assembly. This, in turn, would contribute to ensuring the legitimate rights of Palestinians and the establishment of an independent country.