The National Center for Human Rights announces an open position of General Commissioner for Human Rights

The National Center for Human Rights announces an open position of “General Commissioner for Human Rights.” Qualified candidates are invited to apply for this position by submitting their application for consideration. The application should include a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), authenticated copies of academic qualifications, professional certifications, work experience references, and documents that demonstrate relevant skills and leadership experience.


Announcement Duration

Applications will be accepted for a duration of two weeks, starting Tuesday, September 19 concluding on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.


Conditions and Qualifications

  1. Must be of Jordanian nationality.
  2. Familiar with international conventions, treaties, and national legislation related to human rights.
  3. Possesses a bachelor’s degree, with preference for candidates who have a master’s or doctorate degree in human rights administration.
  4. Must have 15 years of practical experience in the public or private sectors, including at least five years in a leadership positions.
  5. Proficiency in both spoken and written Arabic and English is required.


Submission Process for Applications

The application should exclusively be submitted electronically through the following email address: Kindly ensure that all the mentioned supporting documents are attached.


Procedures and Criteria for the Personal Interview

Applicants are expected to prepare two presentations:

First presentation: that outlines their vision for effectively fulfilling the responsibilities of the General Commissioner, encompassing both the technical aspects of human rights and managerial duties. This includes overseeing the General Secretariat of the Center and enhancing its operations, all in accordance with the legal mandate defined by the Center's governing laws.

Second presentation: candidates should conduct a critical and analytical evaluation of one of the topics highlighted in the Center's annual human rights reports from the previous five years.

One of these two presentations must be conducted in English. It is important to keep both presentations concise, not exceeding a total duration of fifteen minutes for the two presentations.



Technical Competencies:

The assessment of technical competencies will include the following: a thorough understanding of Jordanian legislation pertaining to human rights matters, familiarity with national policies connected to human rights, a strong knowledge of international human rights mechanisms, and an awareness of international agreements and conventions in this field. Moreover, candidates will be evaluated based on their proficiency in using technical terminology commonly employed in discussions related to human rights.


Managerial Competencies:

The assessment procedure will include the following managerial competencies: strategic thinking, creative thinking and innovation, human resources development, change management, problem solving and decision making, communication and interpersonal skills, proficiency in financial and administrative matters, competence in utilizing computer applications and social media platforms, language proficiency


Applications failing to meet the required criteria for appointment will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants will receive an electronic notification confirming the receipt of their application.

During official working hours, queries pertaining to this announcement can be directed to the Center using the following phone number: 0791162312.


Advertisement publication date: 19-9-2023